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SaaS, Web Development, API Development, Automation, rpa
SaaS, Web Development, API Development, Automation, rpa
SaaS, Web Development, API Development, Automation, rpa

Elevate Your SaaS Development Standards

with Zedkira's High-Performance, Scalable and Secure Solutions 


We also ensure that clients' web applications and services can accommodate growth and expansion, without needing to be completely rebuilt as the business grows.


By focusing on security, we help protect our clients' SaaS products and services against cyber threats, safeguarding sensitive data and maintaining the integrity of the systems.


Zedkira can ensure that clients' web applications and services run smoothly and efficiently, providing a positive experience for users and improving business efficiency.

Unlock Your Business Potential with

Zedkira's Comprehensive Services

Dynamic Web App Development

Latest technologies, seamless user experience, and proficient implementation.
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API Development

Connect and streamline with secure and efficient APIs.
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Automation Services

Streamline operations, reduce costs and increase efficiency.
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Our Client Testimonials

Zedkira's Proof of Success

I'm absolutely blown away by the level of capability, rigor, and steadfastness Zedkira has displayed. Our project was tough and we continued to find new problems and mountains to solve as we continued work. Some of these problems would cause other software agencies to get ?, but not Zedkira, they never quit and continued to work hard finding out of the box solutions to every problem we faced and maintaining a great quality and ingenuity in their work. I got lucky and found a great agency I could never go without. On top of that, they write and speak great English, which is rare. If you’re looking for a great agency, you found one!

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Zedkira came on board to setup financial infrastructure for our API service. They delivered the project better than our original expectation.
They built stripe payments and all user authentication on both front and backend for the system with great amount of credibility. Their communication and the delivery of the project was excellent. We'll be working with Zedkira again in the future and strongly recommend them!!

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Finiite API Inc.

Founder & CEO


Recent Projects

Inventory Management Platform

A dynamic and interactive Inventory Management web application built using React and Django Rest Framework.

JavaScript ReactJS HTML CSS

Encryption API

A rest API for encrypting data and files built using django rest framework and React JS.

JavaScript ReactJS HTML CSS

Amazon Large-Scale Scraper

A large-scale Amazon Scraper with a lightweight dashboard.

JavaScript ReactJS HTML CSS

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Zedkira is a full-service web development agency that specializes in helping SaaS businesses build innovative SaaS products and achieve their goals by providing high-performance, scalable and secure web solutions. Our team of skilled professionals has the expertise and experience to deliver solutions that drive business growth and efficiency. Our services include dynamic web application development, API development, and automation services.

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